• Roads inside the nature
  • Aerial view of Natura Chalet's nearby landscape
  • View of the tree-filled mountains
  • River flowing through a valley surrounded by mountains.


A dream destination that blends natural beauty with tranquility and ample outdoor activities
Panoramic view of a village in the mountains.

There is a reason why Karpenisi is one of the most sought-after destinations in Greece.

Even though visitors mainly choose it for their winter vacation, it is a fantastic year-round retreat that promises to enchant you.

Located amidst imposing mountains and offering splendid views of Kaliakouda, Karpenisi is your go-to haven for relaxing in serenity away from the crowds. Yet, despite the stillness it exudes, it never gets dull. 

Featuring beautiful gorges, picturesque villages, historic monasteries, vibrant life, and a variety of activities, Karpenisi simply has it all to make your stay unforgettable.


  • Moni Prousou: 18 km
  • Kremasta Lake: 46.9 km
  • Panta Vrechei Gorge: 20 km
  • Karpenisi Ski Center: 19 km
  • Karpenisi Mountain Museum: 9.8 km
Aerial view of a valley with mountains in the background.